Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Tamagotchi connexion review

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the new Tamagotchi Connecxion. You might not give a flying flip, but I adored my original Tamagotchi connextion for at least the first 8 to 10 hours.

When the first Tamagotchi connextion was introduced in the 1998 was an instant hit but just as quickly turned into a parent's nightmare. The new keychain based electronic pet would "cry" (translates to a lot of beeping) for attention non-stop for the first few hours. This for some children was unnerving and soon discredited the product. Many parents found themselves taking the child's toy to work to maintain its health and keep the pet alive to avoid the disturbing news that their kids pet had gone away.

The new rendition of the virtual pet announced to U.S. store on August 15 has added new features and some new concepts to the pet. First thing on the top of everyone's mind is how much I, as a parent, am going to have to take care of this thing. The answer, none, a brand new pause feature will suspend the pet until you choose to unpause it. Also another great feature although not new is muting the sound.

The new Tamagotchi Connecxion now also has a built-in InfraRed port on the top to allow for your child to develop a "friends" list. This list can be up to 50 people long and the more the two pets communicate the better friends they become and perhaps can become companions and then partners. This simplified way of teaching a child the way two people connect and develop and eternal bond is shown in that manner.

The basic features of feeding, games, cleaning up after the pet, and visits to the doctor for different abnormalities are still included. Another included feature is that after a pet goes to sleep you must turn off the virtual light (another selectable feature). But if turned off prematurely as if to force the pet to sleep, it will be unhappy and will relief in its overall life expectancy.

With the sound off there is also can icon that lights up in the lower right hand corner that signifies your pet needs attention, handy for those young care-takers that need a bit of assistance.

Now of course there are a few drawbacks, mainly the screen. I have two at the current time and both suffer the same as an inexpensive LCD, other then just direct on viewing, the display all but disappears, but on the flip side under direct sunlight it still remains crystal clear. The buttons are entirely rubber and leave a bit to be desired as they must depress a long way to activate.

Pros: Teaches children the basics of raising a 'living' object without the added expense of food, enclosures, etc.
Handy keychain attached so it can be easily taken with you
Entertaining for those of the younger crowd

Cons: LCDs must be looked at directly on and offers no backlight
Buttons must depress a long distance before activated
Cannot select boy or girl pet (just like real life, you get what you get)

Overall the toy is great fun, needed improvements over the last were met and simple instructions that children can easily follow.

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