Saturday, 23 February 2008

The designs of Tamagotchi connexion

We just received the new batch of images for the Tamagotchi Conneion v5 set to be released at the end of January 2008.

The designs are named:
Red Spots
Tamagotchi House (white)
Space Trip
Groovy Time
Brilliant Ruby
Cotton Candy
Sing a Song
Flower Party
Blue Abstract
Love My Family (pink)
Cookie Dough

Check them out!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Tamagotchi Connexion

Tamagotchi Connexion / Plus is Here!

The wait is over! After all these years, emails, discussions, begging and pleading, Tamagotchi Connexion Fans finally get another Tamagotchi Connexion Product — the Tamagotchi Connection (Connexion, or Tamagotchi Plus in Japan). Yay Bandai!

This new Tamagotchi Connexion has been improved greatly over its predecessor. The animations are more detailed, there are some familiar and some new characters, and there is much more to do then play one game and feed a snack this time around. These Tamagotchi Connexion not only have children (similar to Mesu/Osu) but they also can visit other Tamagotchi Connexion friends via Infrared. When together, the two Tamagotchi Connexion can play games, interact, exchange gifts and if that special someone is found, they may have a family.

This site contains information I have experienced myself, found in news pieces or pulled from the Bandai Tamagotchi Connection press kit. Expect new information to be added as I experience my Tamagotchi Connection for the first time over the next several weeks. Interested in my progress? Check out the logs section to read up on what is happening with my Tamagotchi Connexion .

I hope you find this new addition to Tamagotchi Connexion Planet to be of value.

Instruction Sheet for Tamagotchi Connexion

Tamagotchi Connexion
Digital Friends of the World

Instruction Sheet

©Bandai WiZ 2004
Bandai 2004

Tamagotchi Connexion is an interactive virtual pet that will evolve differently depending on how well you take care of it. Play games with it, feed it food and cure it when it is sick and it will develop into a good companion!

Tamagotchi Connexion has some special functions!

  1. It can communicate with other Tamagotchi connexion friends, play games, exchange gifts...and even have Tamababies if the friendship goes well.
  2. It can use, play or wear the gifts it receives.


how to wake your tamagotchi

How to Wake Your Tamagotchi connexion

  1. Pull out the tab from the side of the casing and Tamagotchi connexion will appear after a long beep.
  2. To reset, press the Reset button on the back of the casing with a pointed object such as a pen. NB: do not apply too much pressure, especially with a sharp object.
  3. Set up Time and Date. Press button (B), the time screen will appear. Days, month, hours and minutes will be set up one by one using button (A) to scroll and button (B) to choose/set the correct number.
    NB: As some special events occur on specific dates, please set up the date carefully.
  4. Set up your birthday date/month...Tamagotchi connexion might celebrate your birthday.
  5. It will then return to the normal screen. After 1 minute, you will discover if your Tamagotchi connexion is male (black Hebi-Chi) or female (white Hebi-Chi).
  6. Select your Tamagotchi connexion name using button (A) to scroll through the alphabet and button (B) to choose.
    Your Tamagotchi connexion name can contain up to 5 letters. Once you have selected a name, you cannot change it.

set up

The Growth Process
Your Tamagotchi connexion can evolve in many different characters depending on how you take care of it.

sample growth process

How to Make Your Tamagotchi connexion Grow

how to make your tamagotchi grow

When Tamagotchi connexion needs something, it calls you with a beep and the Attention icon is highlighted. Check what it needs with the Hunger Meter and play, feed or discipline them.

How to Take Care of Your Tamagotchi connexion

hunger icon

Hunger Meter:
Select the Hunger Meter Icon with button (A) to check the following information regarding your Tamagotchi connexion: Level of Hunger, Level of Happiness, Level of Discipline, Age, Weight, Name, Gender, Generation.

hunger and happiness levels
  • Level of Hunger/Level of Happiness
    The number of hearts you have to indicate your Hunger/Happiness (the more the better!).
  • Level of Discipline
    Number of dots indicates level of discipline (the higher the better).
  • Age/Weight/Name
    Everyday your Tamagotchi connexion lives it becomes 1 year older. Keep it healthy and don't allow its weight to increase too much.
  • Gender/Generation
    Check the gender (style) of your Tamagotchi connexion, boy or girl. Check your Tamagotchi's generation. If your Tamagotchi connexion has had a Tamababy, it will become the next generation of your Tamagotchi connexion.
feeding icon

Feeding Time:tama eating

  • Press button (A) to select the "Feed Icon". Then press button (B) to choose either food or snack. Check your Tamagotchi's hunger level before feeding it or it might get sick or become overweight.
toilet/flush icon


  • toiletWhen your Tamagotchi connexion makes a mess, press button (A) to select the "Toilet Icon" and use button (B) to clean up.
games icon

Play Time:
  • Press button (A) to select the "Game Icon" and press button (B) to choose either the dance game or the jumping game.
  • Dance Game: Dance as your Tamagotchi connexion shows you...
  • Jumping Game: Press B button to jump over the hurdles.

connection/communication icon

Connection/Communication (Using IR Sensor)
  • 1. Press (A) to select the "IR Icon". Then press button (B).
    2. "STAND BY" appears on the screen.
    3. Position the two Tamagotchi connexion face to face as shown.
    4. Press button (B) to start IR communication.
  • You can PLAY games together or EXCHANGE GIFTS after connection.
connection process
gifts and games
  • Exchange Gifts:
    One of the connected Tamagotchi connexion may drop a gift. See notebook section to use gift. If you connect several times with your favourite Tamagotchi connexion, your relationship level will increase.
  • Playing Games:
    Your Tamagotchi connexion will automatically play after selection. Playing games improves the happiness of your Tamagotchi connexion, and increases your chances at winning in future games.
    • Balloon game: First one that pops the balloon wins the game.
    • Eating game: First one that eats everything wins the game.
  • Developing Relationships:
    Your relationships improve and develop the more connection you make with other Tamagotchi connexion. After several connections you and your favourite partner may become good companions. The girl Tamagotchi connexion will give birth to 2 Tamababies. One of the Tamababies will stay with the girl and the other returns to the boy Tamagotchi connexion.
discipline icon


  • Sometimes your Tamagotchi connexion can be very naughty or may just need a pat on the back! Use button (A) to select the "Discipline Icon" and button (B) to choose either punish (when naughty) or praise to cheer up your Tamagotchi connexion.

    disciplineWhen to Discipline?

    Praise - When it calls/beeps even when it's not hungry.
    Punish - When it refuses food even when it's hungry.
health icon


  • When the "Skull Icon" appears, your Tamagotchi connexion is sick. Use button (A) to select the "Health Icon" and button (B) to nurse your Tamagotchi connexion back to health. Sometimes it takes more then one dose of medicine!
lights icon

sleeping tama

  • When your Tamagotchi connexion goes to sleep, turn off the lights. Use button (A) to select the "Light Icon" and button (B) to choose "Lights Off".
notebook icon


  • Use button (A) to select the "Book Icon" and button (B) to check your list of "friends" and "items".

    Friendship Level: Use button (A) to select "friend" and button (B) to choose. Press button (B) again to check your level of friendship. Your friendship level improves the more connections you make with other Tamagotchi
    connexion. Friendship levels are shown below:
friendship levels

    If you connect to more then 50 friends "SORRY !! TOO FULL" will appear. You must delete one of your friends if you wish to add more. Press button (A) to scroll through your friends. Press button (B) to choose the friend to be deleted. You will be asked to confirm your selection by choosing "YES" followed by "REALLY".

    Item: Sometimes your Tamagotchi will receive a special gift from another Tamagotchi connexion. You will get to keep this. If you press button (B), your Tamagotchi connexion can play with its gift or wear it.

    Note: Not all gifts can be used with all Tamagotchi connexion characters.

The Matchmaker and Having Tamababies

matchmaker and tamababy
  • When your Tamagotchi connexion grow old without finding a partner, a "matchmaker" may appear to try and find you a partner! If you are unable to find a suitable partner your Tamagotchi connexion will continue to grow old until it passes away.
  • You can only have Tamababies if a suitable partner is found.
  • Tamagotchi automatically takes care of the Tamababy, except if the Tamababy becomes sick. Then you have to nurse the Tamababy back to health.
  • After 24 hours the parent will disappear from the screen, you must then choose a name for the Tamababy. This becomes the second generation of your Tamagotchi connexion. This process will continue as long as your take care of your Tamagotchi connexion and develop good relationships with other Tamagotchi connexion.

If Your Tamagotchi Passes Away

tamagotchi angel
  • Your Tamagotchi connexion will pass away if your don't take good care of it. If you want to start again, press and hold button (A) and (C) until a new egg appears. It will hatch after a few minutes.

How to Set Up Time

setting up the time
  • To check time in normal screen mode, press button (B).
  • To change time, press button (B) to show current time. Press and hold buttons (A) and (C) together until the setting time mode starts.
  • Select 12H or 24H clock format. Press button (A) to select and button (B) to choose/set.

Sound On/Off

  • Press and hold buttons (A) and (C) together. Select sound ON or OFF.

How to Replace Battery

battery replacement
  • Requires 1 "CR-2032" 3V battery. Using a small screwdriver, turn the screw counter anti-clockwise to loosen. Remove back as shown, and remove the old battery. Insert the new battery as indicated in illustration. (NOTE: You will NOT need to change the batteries before using your Tamagotchi connexion for the first time.)
  • CAUTION: Keep batteries away from children. Batteries may be harmful if swallowed. NOTE: Make sure you use a new battery.

Reset Option (When to reset?)

  • If it is the first time you have activated your Tamagotchi connexion.
  • If the screen is not clear, image freezes or does not move after long period of time.
  • When you have changed the battery.
    After pressing the reset button, you can choose either "DOWNLOAD" or "RESET". If you select "DOWNLOAD" your Tamagotchi
    connexion will be restarted from the last major event - waking up, growing up, IR communication. Note: You may need to reset the time. If you select "RESET", your Tamagotchi connexion will restart from the very beginning. This will erase all entries (Friends and Gifts) from your notebook.

How to Attach Keychain

attaching the keychain
  • Insert the chain into the ring and close it as shown.


  • Read the instruction sheet carefully.
  • Do not give this item to a children who is under the recommended age.
  • This product contains small parts such as batteries, battery cover and screws that may cause suffocation if swallowed by children.
  • Batteries, battery cover & screws may be swallowed by children. Do not pass this product to children below 3 years old.
  • While replacing the dry cell batteries, please ask a guardian for help.
  • Do not swallow small parts like batteries, battery cover & screws.
  • Swallowing dry cell batteries is extremely dangerous. Please keep batteries away from Children.
  • Batteries are replaced by owners of this product.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix different kids of batteries. Please ensure + & - at the correct position.
  • Do not recharge, decompose, heat, or dispose of batteries in fire.
  • Swallowing dry cell batteries is extremely dangerous. In case that batteries are swallowed, please go to see a doctor for help.
  • Avoid rough use such as knocking the product or swinging it around.
  • Small parts may cause harm if swallowed by children.
  • Contents may vary from photos and illustrations shown on the package.
  • Age 4 & up.

NO Tamagotchi Connexion in Class for Young Robot

But why should you have your tamagotchi connexion in class? huh.gif .You are at school to learn
and get a good education that will help later in life.Do not play with your tamagotchi in
class it is going to be taken away by whoever is teaching you.Do not play with
your tamagotchi in class here are risks:

1.You will have it taken away.
2.If it gets taken at the beginging of the day it will die by 4 hours
3.You will not get a good education.
4.You will be embarssed if you get it taken in-frount of class.

Its for your own good,Do not play with it or
suffer the consequences. wink.gif

Best of luck:
wacko.gif Young Robot wacko.gif(

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Tamagotchi connexion review

tamagotchi_connection.jpg image

the new Tamagotchi Connecxion. You might not give a flying flip, but I adored my original Tamagotchi connextion for at least the first 8 to 10 hours.

When the first Tamagotchi connextion was introduced in the 1998 was an instant hit but just as quickly turned into a parent's nightmare. The new keychain based electronic pet would "cry" (translates to a lot of beeping) for attention non-stop for the first few hours. This for some children was unnerving and soon discredited the product. Many parents found themselves taking the child's toy to work to maintain its health and keep the pet alive to avoid the disturbing news that their kids pet had gone away.

The new rendition of the virtual pet announced to U.S. store on August 15 has added new features and some new concepts to the pet. First thing on the top of everyone's mind is how much I, as a parent, am going to have to take care of this thing. The answer, none, a brand new pause feature will suspend the pet until you choose to unpause it. Also another great feature although not new is muting the sound.

The new Tamagotchi Connecxion now also has a built-in InfraRed port on the top to allow for your child to develop a "friends" list. This list can be up to 50 people long and the more the two pets communicate the better friends they become and perhaps can become companions and then partners. This simplified way of teaching a child the way two people connect and develop and eternal bond is shown in that manner.

The basic features of feeding, games, cleaning up after the pet, and visits to the doctor for different abnormalities are still included. Another included feature is that after a pet goes to sleep you must turn off the virtual light (another selectable feature). But if turned off prematurely as if to force the pet to sleep, it will be unhappy and will relief in its overall life expectancy.

With the sound off there is also can icon that lights up in the lower right hand corner that signifies your pet needs attention, handy for those young care-takers that need a bit of assistance.

Now of course there are a few drawbacks, mainly the screen. I have two at the current time and both suffer the same as an inexpensive LCD, other then just direct on viewing, the display all but disappears, but on the flip side under direct sunlight it still remains crystal clear. The buttons are entirely rubber and leave a bit to be desired as they must depress a long way to activate.

Pros: Teaches children the basics of raising a 'living' object without the added expense of food, enclosures, etc.
Handy keychain attached so it can be easily taken with you
Entertaining for those of the younger crowd

Cons: LCDs must be looked at directly on and offers no backlight
Buttons must depress a long distance before activated
Cannot select boy or girl pet (just like real life, you get what you get)

Overall the toy is great fun, needed improvements over the last were met and simple instructions that children can easily follow.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Tamagotchi connexion BRAN NEW!

Bandai Announces Tamagotchi V5

Bandai America has announced a new version of the Tamagotchi connexion pet toy called the V5. This is the most technologically advanced version of the popular virtual pet toy.

The new version allows kids to raise multiple characters in one toy at the same time and the new version includes never before seen characters as well. "For the first time ever, Tamagotchi Connecxion V5 takes the Tamagotchi connexion experience to new heights by giving fans the ability to take care of an entire family of characters at the same time," said Colleen Sherfey, senior director of marketing, Bandai America Inc. "Kids can share in the excitement as their characters play games together, trade gifts, and become pals. The depth of play and hours of endless entertainment make more family more fun."

A new feature called Familichi offers many types of families and generations that can be raised. The family can be Mames (intellectual), Memes (artistic), Kuchis (laid back) and Violes (cheerful). The way the family of siblings interacts will depend on how the player raises the characters. The V5 device sells for $14.99.

Tamagotchi connexion HOT!!

I have purchased Tamagotchi connexion when they first came out years ago. I recently bought a few of the newer versions of the toy last year for my kids at another vendor. This new generation of Tamagotchi connexion is VERY improved! And the price that Amazon had for the PC Accessory pack is half the price for the stand alone model! It was too much for me to pass up. I bought one for myself. I'm a 43 yr old single dad. I guess I'm just a big kid. By G. Folck Jr. "Twraith" (Rosamond, CA USA)


Top 10 Best Selling PC Games For January 26
The NPD Group has released the latest list of the top 10 best selling PC games in the US, this time for the week ending January 26:
  • 1. World Of Warcraft - Blizzard
  • 2. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Activision
  • 3. The Sims 2 Deluxe - Electronic Arts
  • 4. World Of Warcraft: Battle Chest - Blizzard
  • 5. Pirates Of The Burning Sea - Flying Lab Software/Sony Online
  • 6. World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade - Blizzard
  • 7. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Activision
  • 8. Crysis - Crytek/EA
  • 9. The Sims 2 Teen Style Stuff - Electronic Arts
  • 10. Sim City 4 Deluxe - Electronic Arts
  • 10 Reason you should buy Webkin toys

    Webkinz Puppy

    1. It’s like the Beanie Babies craze all over again. Only more fun.

    If you are nostalgic for the Beanie Babies craze of the 1990s (or if you missed that craze and wished you didn't) you can relive it all over again with the Webkinz! Except that the Webkinz are more fun...they don't just sit around collecting dust, but they come to life online. Online, you can decorate your virtual pet's house (you'll have to buy the items using KinzCash...see below), feed him, dress him, play games, even have a job! It's like Second Life, only with animals, or Neopets, only with a corresponding 3D critter in the real world. But watch out...once you use the secret code, you'll lose any resale value!

    2. If you introduce your child to Webkin toys, you’ll be the coolest parent ever.

    If you are in part of the country where Webkin toys hasn't hit yet (mostly the West) or at a school where it isn't a fad yet, buy your child one, and watch what happens! First, they will love that you introduced them to a virtual web-play toy, and they'll also love that they can love and cuddle a stuffed pet and still be cool doing it! They will also start the trend at their school, as they introduce their friends to their virtual Webkin toys. Then, all their friends will want one too (this is what happened at my house when my niece from Texas brought one for a visit; my daughter immediately started begging for her own).

    3. If your kids already own Webkin toys, you'll find out how they spend all their time can (and do) spend hours playing Webkin toys...they love the games and earning KinzCash so they can feed, clothe and house their pets, they love (safely) chatting with their friends and inviting them over to see their pets' house, and doing "jobs" to also earn KinzCash. In fact, Ganz (the maker of Webkin toys) has parental controls for Webkin toys so you can limit the amount of time your child spends on the site.

    4. It’s impossible to have this much fun for only $12 with anything else.

    Twelve dollars (or six or so for Lil' Kinz) is a reasonable price for a plush bear alone. But, when you combine that with a full year of online web play with your pet's virtual version (also called an avatar) then it's a true bargain. The site is commercial free, unlike Neopets. To get Neopets without advertisements costs $7.99 per month. Most other online virtual worlds are also available for a monthly fee, not a yearly one...and, as mentioned, here, you also ge the plush animal included!

    5. If you love paper dolls, you’ll love Webkin toys.

    Do you love paper dolls, especially online paper dolls? If so, you'll love Webkin toys. The Webkin toys animals are much more like humans than animals...especially since you can dress them up and decorate their environment, as with most online paper dolls. Even more fun, some of the online environment is interactive (you can bathe the pets in the bathtub, and you pets can cook on the stove!) There is a wide variety of animals available, including dogs (many individual breeds), cats, unicorns, bunnies, hippos, lions, and even platypuses.

    6. Retired Webkin toys are selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay

    For auction for the retired Cheeky Dog and Cheeky Cat together (with unopened tags) just sold for $995 on eBay. That is nine hundred and ninety five dollars, not nine dollars and ninety five cents (just to be clear). Of course, not all Webkin toys sell for crazy prices like these. But...some of the early retired ones do! I'm a bit astounded by this..for instance, for $995, I could buy a very old, collectible Steiff teddy bear, or one heck of a Vintage Barbie doll. Or, a nice weekend trip!

    7. If you buy one for your child, it will keep them busy for hours.

    Ok, admit it...every now and then, you bring some work home, and you need an uninterrupted hour or two to get something done. In those situations, there is nothing like a safe, electronic baby sitter to entertain your child. Enter Webkin toys. And, unlike too much television or most video games, Webkin toys is educational, with trivia games and a good model of an online virtual economy.

    8. If you don’t get one now, all the good adoption names will be taken.

    If you wait and adopt your first Webkin toys next year, the only names left will be SallyB4068 and JohnR8999. Just like good real estate, good online names go fast in virtual worlds!

    9. You need to start earning KinzCash immediately.

    If you don't start earning KinzCash immediately, you (or your child) will never catch up to the early adopters. You will end up with a woefully decorated home for your pet, and sorry looking clothes. Or, you could end up like several poor parents I know that play for their kids after they go to bed to earn them KinzCash! KinzCash can be spent at several virtual Webkin toys shops.

    10. Where else can you play the Wheel of Wow?

    I just love the name of that...Wheel of Wow. This is one-time a day activity on Webkin toys that you can spin to earn prizes for your pets (neat clothing, furniture for their house). People are addicted to this. Seriously!(From Van Patten,)

    Saturday, 16 February 2008

    How I Used Webkin toys to Connect with My Kids

    What is Webkin? If you don't know the answer to that question where have you been living as of lately? The Webkin world is a youth based web site/Portal that allows kids to virtually take care of a selected animal. It starts by buying a Webkin animal doll which provides your child with a code to enter the website. Inside the website the child gets access to a virtual pet that matches their real doll. They get to start taking care of it and have the excitement of doing many things while on this website.

    At first I was concerned as I was watching my daughter one day after numerous times surfing the Webkin site. I got interested because my daughter had never been interested in our computer before. Suddenly, my daughter wanted to learn as much about using the computer and the Internet as she could. My daughter is nine years old and into Hannah Montanna and that sort of thing so it was very interesting to watch her quickly develop a genuine love for using the computer. I asked her to explain to me what she was doing.

    My daughter had figured out how to play online games, how to enter chat rooms, how to earn money doing jobs so that she could buy food for her animal and decorate her animal's room. She understood that she must feed it every day, she must go to work everyday so that she could continue to take care of her animal. I got somewhat nervous about my nine year old daughter having been in chat rooms and taking online jobs so I asked her to show me what she was doing as she was doing it.

    Any parents reading this article may relax. My daughter entered the chat room and started chatting. The children using the chat room are allowed to pick from pre-designated questions and answers. As an example my daughter may ask you, "How are you today?". and the other child might respond, "You are so cool." But that is the extent of their chatting ability. No predators in these chat rooms. And if there were they have no access to your child to speak freely. ( Durbec, Jan 08, 2008)

    Should You Buy Your Child a Webkin toys?

    I have heard about Webkin before, though I was not very familiar with the website or the stuffed animals that come with the Webkin codes. Then a few weeks before Christmas I spotted a bin full of Webkin toys at my local Walgreen's selling for $20.00 a piece. The size was not much larger than the typical Ty Beanie Baby animals and had me doubting that the Webkin toys were really worth the money. ( Clarke, Jan 11, 2008)

    Wednesday, 13 February 2008

    My Disney Kitchen PC GAME for Kids

    Mix up some pancakes, make a yummy sandwich, or pop that chicken in the oven - it can all happen in a kitchen of your very own. You can explore, discover - even make a mess - in a fun and safe kitchen made just for you. With My Disney Kitchen, youll be amazed at what your imagination can cook up.

    Pros: Very entertaining, find something new each time you play, fun for whole family

    Cons: Occasional unexpected noise, until you know what to expect.

    The Bottom Line: This program has kept my children captivated from the first moment it was installed. They are finding new things and learning the most basic of cooking l lessons.

    Monday, 11 February 2008

    Hottest Toy for Kid " Webkin "

    Webkin are stuffed animals that were originally released by the Ganz company. The toy are similar to many other small plush toy, however they come with a special code on their labels that allows access to the "Webkin world". There are also small, less expensive versions of Webkin toys called Likk'Kinz.

    Saturday, 9 February 2008

    Top 10 best selling US PC games


    1. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Activision - $48

    2. World Of Warcraft - Vivendi - $20

    3. The Sims 2 Deluxe - Electronic Arts - $33

    4. World Of Warcraft: Battle Chest - Vivendi - $35

    5. World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Expansion Pack - Vivendi - $30

    6. The Sims 2 Teen Style Stuff Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts - $19

    7. The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts - $30

    8. Crysis - Electronic Arts - $50

    9. The Orange Box - Electronic Arts - $50

    10. The Sims 2 Seasons Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts - $30