Wednesday, 20 February 2008

NO Tamagotchi Connexion in Class for Young Robot

But why should you have your tamagotchi connexion in class? huh.gif .You are at school to learn
and get a good education that will help later in life.Do not play with your tamagotchi in
class it is going to be taken away by whoever is teaching you.Do not play with
your tamagotchi in class here are risks:

1.You will have it taken away.
2.If it gets taken at the beginging of the day it will die by 4 hours
3.You will not get a good education.
4.You will be embarssed if you get it taken in-frount of class.

Its for your own good,Do not play with it or
suffer the consequences. wink.gif

Best of luck:
wacko.gif Young Robot wacko.gif(

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